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What is

Let us introduce ourself

About the project

The project aims to provide information about languages and promote multilingualism on the internet. It’s all about languages - to reveal their beauty, expressive power and uniqueness.

It’s an interactive website available in 18+ languages, and most importantly – it’s a non-boring introduction to the world of languages online, including:

  • Information in your language about all 24 official EU languages;
  • Information and links to take you deep into the heart of whatever language you wish by promoting existing web-based courses and projects;
  • Interesting and fun information about languages in general.

Our story

The project team of nine partners from seven countries was created around four core partners, who regularly work together promoting multilingualism in the EU and developing free, multilingual websites for learning languages. We all believe that everybody should have access to free language-learning material in their own language, as learning several languages is necessary to understand and value each other's culture and heritage. There is a growing need in the EU to promote the learning of languages other then English since they are increasingly losing ground in most formal education systems.

The project is supported by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA2 Languages) from December 2012 until November 2014.

We love languages!

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