Kuarki - Traveller between wor(l)ds

Interactive learning app to promote reading and writing skills of multilingual children

About us

TBW is a project dedicated to promoting the reading and writing skills of multilingual children. The partner organizations involved have made the common observation that currently used methods and digital materials are more traditional in design and do not conform to the European educational and quality standard. Therefore, the consortium has come together to develop a targeted and innovative tool to help multilingual children read and write. All partners have been working in the field of (multilingual) language education for years. Accordingly, the motivation for the development of such a product was particularly high.

The result of the project is an app for children over 10 years. With the help of this app and the mascot Kuarki, the children can expand their vocabulary and practice their reading and writing skills. The aim here is to contribute to closing the often existing gap between the school and native language. At the same time, the children and Kuarki learn new things in the fields of Human, Life, Earth and Universe in an interesting and funny way. In each of the areas, numerous questions that children like to ask are listed and answered. "Why are there many different creatures on Earth?" is just one of many questions that are explained in the app. The contents of the app are available in German, English, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Turkish and Croatian.

In general, the European consortium is expected to impact on the multiliteracy of multilingual children in Europe, in particular a greater motivation for children to read and write in their mother tongue, as well as a higher level of competence in science and general knowledge, and an improvement in reading and writing skills as well as ICT skills and general cultural awareness. In addition, a higher appreciation of families for the active promotion of multilingual literacy and education and a greater awareness of this need in schools should be achieved.


Studio Gaus GmbH, Germany, www.studiogaus.com