The project idea is based on the common observation of the European consortium and the resultant need to develop a target group oriented, innovative and accessible instrument for fostering reading and writing competencies of multilingual children. Methods and digital materials currently used are rather traditional and do not meet the education and quality standards of the European Union. The partnership's motivation for the development of such a product is particularly high, since all partners are actively working in the field of (multilingual) language education, in the promotion of European multilingualism and in the development of educational materials and methodologies to support multilingual families.

In general we expect an impact on the multiliteracy rate of multilingual children in Europe, more specifically a higher motivation of children to become literate in their mother tongue, a higher level of competence in the area of science and general knowledge, an improvement of reading and writing competencies, as well as of ICT skills and general cultural awareness. Moreover, we expect a higher appreciation by families to actively encourage multilingual alphabetisation and education as well as a higher awareness for this necessity in schools.